AirServer Crack v7.2.6 with Full Setup Download

Why Download the AirServer Crack v7.2.6?

AirServer Crack

AirServer is an updated and advanced Screen mirroring receiver which will turn your desktop into a screening device. Our Latest AirServer Crack can help you in many ways. For instance, you can use it for office work, educational purposes, Home entertainment, gaming and so much more! Basically, everyone can use this software to share their ideas and media on a bigger screen. Its sleek user interface and innovative features makes it one of the widely used Screen Mirroring Receiver on the market. Moreover it allows you to use AirPlay, Google Cast and Miracast to mirror your device’s display. 

Moreover, it is also compatible with chrome book, Mac and Windows 10. In addition, you can also Windows 7 and Linux through screen casting sender that is built into the google chrome browser. That means nearly everyone can enjoy and use the features of AirServer. Plus, it also supports multiple connections at the same time which means you can mirror many devices and be more creative at what you are doing! Also, you are in full control of what you will be doing with it. For instance if you are using our AirServer Full Version Free Download in an organization or an educational institute, you can control network deployment and security and firewalls options.

AirServer 7.2.0 download | macOS

What Makes AirServer Better Than Others?

Firstly, the display quality that you will enjoy using this program is High Definition. When you mirror your devices on a bigger screen you might think that the quality will reduce. That’s not the case here! AirServer makes your receiving device a mirror of your other portable device, in the same quality! It deliver 1080HP display and in the new update you will also enjoy Quad HD desktop mirroring! Moreover, to enhance the colors and quality even more you can change the saturation, hue, brightness, flip your screen and other basic settings. 

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In addition, it is compatible with many HTPC apps like Plex, FrontRow, XMBC and more. Which means you can use plenty of apps for your entertainment. Apart from the good display quality our AirServer Activation Code provides you with lossless audio quality. When you are mirroring something it is ensured to be without any freezes and lags, as stated by the users. In short, you can easily play your favorite movies and music on a bigger screen and enjoy with your loved ones. It is one of the best entertainment apps because you can display your games on the mirroring device too. Further you can even record the games for replaying! AirServer also comes with the ability of screen splitting, which lets the user split the screen and change it into multi-player experience. 

New Features of AirServer 7.2.6

Apart from turning your desktop into a universal mirroring receiver, the Latest AirServer 7.2.5 comes with many other features that help in making your experience better. Here are some of its powerful features that you will experience by downloading our AirServer Key Generator:

Zero Client Footprint 

Who wants to face the nuisance of downloading third party softwares in order to make a program functional? No one. That’s why you don’t need to download any other software to make AirServer work. This program works using Miracast, AirPlay and Google Cast which are already downloaded on most of the devices. In short, you just have to download our crack and start using all the features right away!AirServer for Mac. Download Free [Latest Version] macOS

Quality Mirroring 

The new update has a greatly improved picture and video quality while mirroring. Especially for iOS devices that can mirror at a 1080 x 1920 resolution. If you have used one of the previous versions, you should know that this is 3 times better than the previous pixels count! So, who’s ready to download AirServer Crack? Click on the link below now!

Live Streaming

Yes! That’s right. AirServer Latest Version is YouTube Live certified. You can now Live Stream your iOS gameplay. In addition to that there is another interesting feature which comes with picture-in-picture webcam support. Plus, you will be able to Live Stream from your iOS apps too similar to Apple TV. And OS X El Capitan’s new AirPlay features are also compatible with AirServer which will allow you to stream videos from Safari via Airplay.

Encrypted AirPlay

You pictures and data is reachable to other networks while getting transmitted over the network but with AirServer you don’t need to worry about it. All your files will be encrypted so that no one can have access to them during the process. And this feature is only offered by AirServer and the Apple TV.

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AirServer is famous for its compatibility with a plenty of apps, devices and operating softwares. For example, you can do both tab and desktop casting using Chromebook simply by the use of Google Chrome browser. Also, it works with all the Google Cast supported Android Devices too! Above all, you can download the Google Cast App on your android if it’s already not enabled. The Latest AirServer Crack is also compatible with iOS 12 which implies that whenever an iOS update comes, it soon gets compatible with AirServer. Faster updates are always better!


When we call an app limitless, we mean it! You can use this app for home entertainment, Education, Businesses, Gaming and even Developers! Developers can use this software to stream their apps and also make tutorials and demos. You can do it all on your computer’s screen!

How to Download AirServer Crack?

  1. Download AirServer form its website.
  2. After that, download our AirServer Crack from the link below.
  3. Run the installed program.
  4. Then extract the Crack folder from WinRAR and copy paste it to the installation folder.
  5. Close the program and then run it again. 

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