Tested and Working DVDFab Crack to Activate 25-In-1 Package v12.0.2.2

DVDFab v12.0.2.2 Crack & [Lifetime] Keygen Full Setup Download

DVDFab Crack

DVDFab is a great software that allows you to perform all kinds of video operations in ultra 4K HD. There is no denying its usability, but IT’S LICENSE IS VERY EXPENSIVE. That’s why we have shared DVDFab Crack that will save you a whopping $370. It will activate the all-in-one package of this program for the lifetime.

In this article, in addition to the download link and jotting down many praises of this software, we have discussed:

We Offer Safe and Virus-Free Download

 Although most crack sites are the root of viruses, our team works with a different ambition. We understand that these software are means of earning for millions of people who can’t afford to pay hundreds of dollars.

We have stored DVDFab Crack on our safe servers protected several layers of antivirus security. The download link we have shared is clean and only contains the one compressed file you need. One or two ads might popup, but they are a necessity to keep our servers online.

Who Should Use DVDFab v12?

The developers of this site only have one target audience of successful professionals. After all, not everyone can buy such expensive tools. However, everyone that needs to perform video operations can use this program now that we have DVDFab free full version.

Whether you need to copy, burn, convert, rip, or download a DVD for personal work or professional work, this package is for you. You can master a skill using this software and you don’t have to worry about buying a license. It got 4.5 stars out of 5 even in the review of TechRadar.

How DVDFab Crack Works?

I’ll try to explain it in the layman terms. Every software has a small but powerful piece of code that checks if it has been licensed or not. If it’s not licensed, it will count one month and then stop working.

When you provide a DVDFab registration key, that piece of code connects to a database to determine if it is legit or not. That database could be integrated offline in the program or maybe stored online on a protected server.

That’s why just a weak DVDFab keygen is not enough to activate such great software. The solution we offer uses a slightly different and smart approach. It does add a key, but right after that, it seizes that piece of code before it can check for validity or connect to its online servers. This is the reason we have asked you to turn off the internet connection when installing DVDFab crack.

DVDFab Crack

What are All 25 Programs in Latest v12?

Many people are attracted to the 25-in-1 DVDFab crack package, but most of them don’t even know what these tools are. Its developers have added some handpicked relevant and useful tools that would make life (of anyone dealing with DVD and Blu-ray videos) a lot easier.

  1. Enlarger AI: Enhances video resolution and its quality.
  2. DVD Copy: Copies video from a DVD to a computer.
  3. Blu-ray Copy: Copies Blu-ray videos.
  4. UHD Copy: Copies ultra-high definition videos from DVD to a computer.
  5. 4K Recorder Copy: Tends to specifications of 4K videos when copying.
  6. Blu-ray Recorder Copy: Tends to BDAV Blu-rays specifications to copy them to blank BD discs.
  7. DVD Ripper: Rips for playback on different media players.
  8. Blu-ray Ripper: Rips Blu-ray videos for playback.
  9. UHD Ripper: Rips ultra-high definition videos for playback.
  10. 4K Recorder Ripper: Tends to specifications of 4K videos when ripping.
  11. Blu-ray Recorder Ripper: Tends to BDAV Blu-rays specifications when ripping.
  12. Video Converter: To convert videos in different formats.
  13. UHD Creator: Produce self-made ultra-high definition videos.
  14. UHD to Blu-ray Converter: Converts 4K videos to Blu-ray.
  15. Hi-Fi Audio Converter: Converts high-fidelity audio into different formats.
  16. DVD to Blu-ray Converter: Converts DVD videos to Blu-ray.
  17. Blu-ray to DVD Converter: Converts Blu-ray videos to DVD.
  18. DVD Creator: Helps create self-made videos in DVD.
  19. Blu-ray Creator: Helps create self-made videos in Blu-ray results.
  20. DVD Cinavia Removal: Professionally removes Cinavia from DVD.
  21. Blu-ray Cinavia Removal: Professionally removes Cinavia from Blu-ray.
  22. UHD Cinavia Removal: Professionally removes Cinavia from ultra-high definition videos. 
  23. UHD Drive Tool: firmware downgrading program for ultra-high definition videos.
  24. DRM Removal for Apple: Removes digital rights management.
  25. Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS: Tutorial creator for Apple mobiles. 

What Makes it Better than Other Programs?

DVDFab has only one niche, and it excels in it. It doesn’t try to offer too much in just one tool and fail like a jack of all trades who is master of none. It has built a different tool for each task and every single one of them works with perfection.

There is a reason why it costs so much for every little feature. After you have installed DVDFab crack, you will see that it is the fastest and most efficient tool at every job from copying to converting.

DVDFab Crack

Applying the DVDFab Crack:

Before you download DVDFab free full version, I must request all our visitors to purchase this software from its official website if you can afford it. They deserve it for the service they provide. Here is what you need to do to apply the crack.

  1. Install the software but don’t run it and keep the internet disconnected.
  2. Download the DVDFab crack prior to the installation.
  3. Make sure you don’t turn on the internet connection even after installation.
  4. Extract the downloaded file and copy both executable files.
  5. Paste them in the installation folder and replace the existing files.
  6. Run each file one by one and restart your computer. That’s it!

If you see the download link or DVDFab crack not working, we might be in the process of updating it for the latest version. Check back later; we always upload these solutions before anyone else.


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