Download Safe & Working Folder Lock Crack V7.8.5 with Setup

Why Download Folder Lock Crack?

Folder Lock Crack

Who doesn’t need software to protect their private and security sensitive folders? We all do! That is why we have introduced our Latest Folder Lock Crack. It is one of the best data protection softwares on the market. The internet and electronic media in general is full of hidden malware that steals your important and sensitive data. In addition nearly everyone has switched to electronic media to store important personal details and information. That’s why Folder Lock is a need! 

You wouldn’t want your financial information or personal data to be misused by data miners or thieves. With their increasing rate it might seem like data thieves and hackers are inevitable. That’s not true! We agree that there are so many harmful softwares out there. But that does not change the fact that some softwares are there to protect your data too! And Folder Crack is one of the programs that are widely used for this purpose. And now we have introduced its Folder Lock Activation Key Free Download to oblige your security needs. 

What Makes Folder Lock Better?

Folder lock introduces some revolutionary features in the field of data security that is the reason for its acceptability around the globe. It is the first ever software to introduce a full-fledged online secure backup solution. You can now have a full backup of your important files too. One of the specifications provide end to end encryption of data and of course, password protection. In addition, it provides government level security! Yes, that’s right. It is able to provide users with that kind of security by the use of 256-bit AES encryption with an additional 128-bit encryption online. 

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Your integrity matters to Folder lock creators that is why it performs plenty of security operations for you. It guarantees 100 percent fool-proof encryption. That is the reason why it is recommended to always encrypt your important folder rather than using a lock. It is also very easily understandable, you do not need to learn any tutorials for using it. Although encryption is a timely process, if we use our Folder Lock Serial Key to access the Folder lock you can experience the world’s fastest encryption. Isn’t that amazing? You can also perform some basic functions like hiding your folders and much more!

Features of Folder Lock v7.8.5:

The primary function of Folder Key is to provide protection to your data stored on your device. Further we will discuss its other major features that make the software better. Here are some of its features in detail:

Protect your USBs/CDs

That’s right you can now protect nearly all your portable devices which include CDs, DVDs, External Drives and USBs. We all come across situations when we have to attach our USBs to random PCs and laptops. Who knows, maybe the computer will attach the virus that’s inside of it with your files. Say goodbye to this worry now! 

With Folder Lock you don’t have to worry about your USB getting corrupted while you attach it to any computer or laptop. Moreover the files you have protected can be turned into executable files which means you do not have to install the application again and again for opening these files.

Shred Files

Want to empty some space by deleting files? Here’s a tip: Don’t delete the files because they are still recoverable from the hard disk. Instead shred files with the help of Folder Lock. Shredding files will remove the files completely from your system and will also make space for you. An empty device can also be shredded by this program because technically all the files are present at its backend. After shredding you will be assured that your disk space is now completely free.

Protect Wallets

Losing your financial details can cost you a lot of money. Data thieves can easily access and use your information for their personal use too. To prevent this from happening you can create a digital wallet to put all your financial information in it using our Folder Lock Crack. As many card as you want, you can create by using it. Also to differentiate multiple accounts you can use different color codes and add backgrounds etc. After the data is saved it will be encrypted so that it is 100 percent fool-proof.  

Secure Backup

An online feature of the pro version helps you make a power protected backup of all your protected files in case you lose them. It will not only protect your information but also let you dodge accidental data loss. In case something happens to your PC you have nothing to worry about because you have all your data! To enjoy this premium feature for free get our Folder Lock Serial Number and Registration Key now! 

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Widely Used 

With over fifty million downloads throughout the world Folder Lock is a trusted software because of its high security and reliability. This is the amount of people who were willing to buy it, you can get it now for free! Avail this opportunity and click on the downloadable link below to get our Folder Lock Crack.  It has also received many awards from companies like Softonic and CNET for being the best encryption software. 

Above all, it is available in four languages which are French, German, Italian and Arabic. No language barrier for these international users!

System Requirements:

  • It is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP.
  • 15o MBs of memory
  • Required processor is of 1GHZ
  • Hard drive: 30 MB

How to Download the Folder Lock Crack?

  1. Click on the link and install the set up.
  2. Disable any antivirus before running it. Do not run it yet.
  3. Copy the Crack into the installation folder.
  4. Run the Crack file and you are done!


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